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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an independent financial advisor?

As independent financial advisors, we do not have proprietary products or ties and are not limited to any one company’s investment options. Instead, we are able to provide our clients with diverse solutions that are tailored to their situation, choosing from the best of what is available around the industry. Being independent financial advisors allows us to put our clients needs and objectives first, working directly for our clients instead of a company, and providing unbiased strategies and advice.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. Doing what is in our clients best interest is at the core of our values. We uphold our fiduciary duty with all of our client interactions and every recommendation made, putting our clients' needs and interests above all else. We are Series 66 registered and Jessica is also a CFP® professional, exemplifying her commitment to being a fiduciary for her clients.

Are you a CFP® professional?

Jessica is a CFP® professional, obtaining this designation after completing rigorous training and education requirements. As a CFP® professional, Jessica also adheres to and upholds the CFP® Board’s Code of Ethics with her strong ethical commitment to her clients. Receiving ongoing education on the best financial advisory and planning practices is a priority.

Who are your typical clients?

Our typical clients are those looking for, and willing to accept and take action on, objective financial advice.

Many of our clients are mid-career executives, often in the technology and biotech industries. A main focus with these clients is developing a strategy for managing and balancing their equity compensation plans.

A common goal among many of our clients is striving for an earlier financial independence, and we help them develop a cohesive and comprehensive plan to accomplish this.

What are your fees?

Clients can choose how to hire us and which of our services fit their situation.

For clients engage us for financial planning and advice; we provide this service as a flat fee for the year, based on the unique complexity of each situation. 

If you are looking for help directly managing your portfolio, we provide investment management priced based on the total household account value you would like managed.

If you are needing advice on accounts you want to continue managing yourself, we are able to provide investment advice for a separate flat fee.

For clients with insurance needs, we can help analyze the best options and facilitate this. When conducting this service, we earn a commission.

Do you have an asset minimum?

No. Our focus is on helping our clients move forward financially regardless of where they are starting on the investment scale, whether or not they need our help with managing their investments.

Can I continue to manage my own money or am I expected to invest with you?

While many clients do choose to take advantage of our extensive experience in investment management, we do not require our clients to move their investment portfolios to us. For those who want to continue to manage their own money, we can provide advice on those portfolios for a flat fee, if desired.